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From our wealth of expertise in software engineering we created NWPro which has been established to design, install, supply, service and support high level network and IT systems. Over the years our group has supplied a wide range of customers, software and services to a large number of blue chip and government clients.


ServizAPP is a powerful workflow management IT system and service which streamlines the tasks and processes within a business or organisation to create efficiencies and increase productivity. ServizAPP is a proven system utilised by organisations for task and time tracking on projects, service calls, RMA (return merchandise authorisation), quote tracking, sales tracking and much more.


Communication within an organisation is vital to its success. An out of sync team can send a task to failure and that's why more and more organisations and businesses look to innovate and implement tools and systems to have all departments internally and externally communicating through a central depository of information.


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"Our business depends on efficiency

and our customers demand it."

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"Technology has to be invented or adopted"

Jared Diamond



"What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done."

Tim O'Reilly



"Customers require the effective integration of technologies to simplify their workflow and boost efficiency."

Anne M. Mulcahy


Benefits to your business



Work can be assigned to people with the appropriate skills to perform the task, rather than work being allocated to anyone in need of something to do.


ServizAPP reduces wastage and saves time. Paperwork and paper chasing is eliminated. The consistent movement of processes means that once a person has done their part, the work can be passed on so that it doesn't sit around, getting forgotten or lost facing delays.


Decisions normally made by people can be implemented into the workflow based on business rules designed to represent human decisions.


Modifying the order of your steps in your workflow can make your processes more efficient. For instance some steps could run simultaneously as opposed to sequentially.


Your workflow in ServizAPP is designed to follow a sequential order. It can be deployed to ensure all steps are completed correctly, especially areas which are typically prone to human error. Checkpoints can be met before moving forward.


ServizAPP is linked to a database which keeps a record of what has occurred in the system. Audit trails can show who, what and when actions were performed.

Setting up your workflow with ServizAPP can help to identify and remove unnecessary steps or processes
Your workflow in ServizAPP can answer all possible questions that arise when making a decision on or carrying out a task. This supports an individual's work confidence level, which in turn will reflect in the quality of the outcome.
The workflow can answer questions like;
What actually needs to be done?
Who am I actually doing this task for?
Who else is involved in this process?
How long should I take to perform this task?
What will happen after I action this?
ServizAPP improves visibility. Your staff members can track items and instantly check their statuses. This allows key people to see the critical processes at every point, it allows them to identify problems and bottlenecks whilst monitoring end to end performance throughout.



Professional Support

Working with you



NWPro hosting

ServizAPP Server(s) run in a secure high speed and high availability hosting environment

Dedicated or virtual server options

Custom address:

Encryption and VPN access options

Self host - Where the hosting is required on a customer owned server, our engineers support the deployment and any required upgrades.


Regular scheduled data back up with options on distribution


Deployment and initial project design

Help desk (working hours or optional 24/7)

Workflow and project configuration

Reports generation

Data analysis

Software maintenance and support

IA - Information assurance

Deployment & Training

The ServizAPP experienced customer deployment and service team provide a complete turnkey deployment and training program incorporating both the planning, technical and training elements. Our team of trainers are available to guide you step by step through the process via a variety of training mechanisms covering all aspects of:



IT implementation

Reports design

Training tools

it's great

servizapp offers you

















Business Intelligence


As businesses move from the analogue world into the digital a revolution has happened and there are greater pathways to making your business flourish.

By learning about and understanding the trends within your business you can determine the future goals for your business.

Business intelligence is a key factor for any organisation to evaluate goals. The ServizAPP reporting module allows you to run a series of complex reports based on specific criteria to analyse.

Your business decisions can be powered through the insight of the reports you run in ServizAPP.

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